Von Gernetite summer villa

In addition to resting, Haapsalu is also ideal for sailing.
The charms of the latter were highly appreciated by the head of the von Gernet family, Rudolf von Gernet, a close ally of Tsar Nicholas. In the years 1871-1878, the commodore of the first Estonian sea yacht club rested in this villa with his whole family.

At the end of the 19th century, the building housed the casino of the tsar’s officers and
During the Republic of Estonia (1919-1920), the villa was rented by Minister of War and politician August Hanko, with whom diplomat Oskar Kallas and his writer husband spent the summer
Aino Kallas.

Villa Friedheimi A new beginning

Today we have completely restored Villa Friedheim and it is located here
A unique boutique hotel in Estonia.
The villa’s six suites are like a trip to the luxury of the past.
The house always has a very limited number of guests, because a lot of space and silence have always been one of the most important parts of luxury. In addition to the exceptional suites, you will also find Von Gernet’s cafe and restaurant in the villa (the restaurant will open in the summer of 2022).

Villa Friedheim awaits you.
Whether you want to rest privately or organize instead
one major event.

A special holiday in South Estonia as well

The creators of Villa Friedheim are also behind the best restaurant in Southern Estonia, the Pühajärve restaurant, and the GMP Clubhotel. We definitely recommend that you also experience the picturesque holiday opportunities of the dome landscape of Southern Estonia in addition to the gentle sea breezes.