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Villa Friedheim

1885. The summer residence, built by noble families in 1950, has been renovated into a unique boutique hotel. At Villa Friedheim, only suites, a period atmosphere and the café-restaurant Von Gernet, inspired by the end of the 19th century, await you.

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Each suite tells its own story

There are 6 suites in Villa Friedheim.
Each of them is unique.
Of course, you will find modern comfort, but each suite is remarkable for its interior designed in the style of the 19th century, which offers you a modest experience of time travel.
The historical buildings and Haapsalu’s special holiday-friendly atmosphere allow you to experience what it was like to rest in Estonia’s best resort town more than 100 years ago.

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Villa Friedheims
6 suites - each unique

When restoring the villa, we considered its valuable history to be the most important. So the suites were also named after the members of the Baltic German noble family von Gernet. Each suite is special, with its own story and face.

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Age with the Spirit
Von Gernet

What was offered in the most popular cafes in Haapsalu in the 19th century? Still the best delicacies from Russian and French cuisine. The menu of Von Gernet’s cafe-restaurant has been created with these cuisines in mind.

In addition to the delicacies inspired by French and Russian cuisine, we definitely recommend trying Von Gernet’s handmade cakes, which may remind you of those times when you have happened to walk into the best cafes in Paris.

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A city made for relaxation

At almost every step in Haapsalu, you can notice larger and smaller pieces of the history of this resort town. The wooden lacy architecture, cozy cafes and the beach promenade together create a great opportunity to rest the eye as well as the mind.

For years now, Haapsalu has been known for exceeding expectations both among lovers of romance and cultural events. We promise it hasn’t changed a bit over time.

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